A Complete Look at the Vivo S1


The Vivo S1 is the latest phone from Google, taking Android technology in a big step forward. It comes with many of the features that we’ve come to expect on a Google phone – access to Google Now, Gmail, Google Play, the Android Market, Google Voice, Hangouts, and so forth. It also comes with a big screen, high-end design, a strong display, fast internet speed, and so forth. And, naturally, this all comes at a cost. We’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo S1 in this article.

As is typical with high-end smartphones, the Vivo S1 comes with a large, high-resolution, fully touch-screen LCD display. It’s larger than the screens of most televisions, though it’s still very clear and bright. It’s also super AMOLED capable, which means that the phone’s screen is basically filled with pixels. While it’s not exactly the smallest phone around, the Vivo S1 still has a good design, and although it’s not the most expensive phone around, it certainly offers great value for money.

One of the biggest advantages of the Vivo S1 is its large, high-spec screen – and this is where it suffers a little. The phone is only available with a 4500 mah battery, which isn’t the most powerful on the market, but it’s still a very respectable amount. Unfortunately, the Vivo S1’s battery life is far from long enough; in fact, it lasts only a matter of minutes before having to be recharged. The battery life is really poor when compared with the other handsets on the market, but if you use your phone heavily and don’t plan to leave your house any time soon, the S1 could work well for you.

Despite this, however, the S1’s battery life still holds up well, so if you’re planning on using the Vivo S1 for a while, you shouldn’t find this to be a major problem. If you’re planning on using the phone a lot, however, you should think about purchasing a wireless charging kit. This kit will enable you to quickly charge the battery of the S1 at any location you might find yourself – even in your bag or pocket!

An extremely useful addition to the S1 pro is the Vivo S1 Pro’s dock connector port – allowing you to connect the phone via a USB port from any type of modern laptop or PC. Although you can use any type of laptop or computer with the S1, the dock is particularly useful as it connects the phone via a USB port, meaning that you won’t need to carry around a separate charger. This is especially helpful if you often use the cellular phone. The dock also doubles up as a type-c power outlet, which means you’ll be able to charge the S1 Pro even while you are away from home.

If you want to take the absolute best pictures possible, you should really consider purchasing the Vivo S1 pro. It’s a digital camera that’s as high-quality as you can get and performs like no other. The Vivo S1’s advanced picture taking features let you capture quality photos in a number of different shooting modes, including portrait mode, landscape mode, image stabilization, panoramic mode and so much more. You can also change the look of your pictures simply by choosing from a selection of colors. It comes complete with an intuitive interface and an ability to instantly connect to a Bluetooth headset so that you don’t have to hold the phone to use it.

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